SČ 1 David Boadella Lifelines and Light Streams
SČ 2 David Boadella Formative Process and Organising Field
SČ 3 Devi Somatický příběh se šťastným koncem aneb V toku života
SČ 4 Pavla Doležalová Životní dominanty rizikových a protektivních faktorů u dětí s rizikovým chováním
SČ 5 neuvedeno Karma and Armor: Perspectives in body-psychotherapy and subtle healing
   1. David Boadella - Incarnation, embodiment and the pre-birth drama
   2. Rose Ausländer - Hidden Light
   3. Vanessa - Flying Lessons for Ikarus
   4. T. S. Eliot - Every poem an epitaph
SČ 6 neuvedeno Lidská symbioza a subfáze separačně individuačního procesu
SČ 7 David Boadella Polarity and Character
SČ 8a Materiály od Gabriele Hoppe 1. Lifelines and Light Streams - Part I, David Boadella
SČ 8b   2. Transference - Will Davis
SČ 8c   3. Borderline Patients and Bound Aries - David Boadella
SČ 8d   4. Formative Process and Organising Field: Part I and II - David Boadella
SČ 8e   5. Growing Up: The development of the Self - asi Jerome Liss
SČ 8f   6. Strategies of Stress-Reduction: Bio-psychic aspects of Word-tension - David Boadella
SČ 8g   7. Breathing Dialogues - Patterns of Breathing as Patterns of Social Bonding - Andreas Wehowsky
SČ 8h   8. Inspiration and Embodiment: Quality Levels of Expression in Body-Psychotherapy - David Boadella
SČ 8i   9. Cultivating Grounding, Centering and Facing - Andreas Wehowsky
SČ 8j   10. Thoughts on Psychotherapy with Trauma Survivors: "Repair" and "Healing" - Kathrin Stauffer
SČ 8k   11. Empty Handed I Come, Carrying a Spade: Precision and Compassion in Body.Psychotherapy - David Boadella
SČ 8l   12. Soma, Self and Source - David Boadella
SČ 9   Chapter 5: The Hated Child - The Schizoid Experience
SČ 10 Dan Hughes The Communication of Emotions and the Growth of Autonomy and Intimacy Within Family Therapy
SČ 11 Stephen M. Johnson Charakterová proměna člověka
SČ 12 David Boadella The Net is not the Sea: manuál biosyntézy
SČ 13 David Boadella - rozhovor Z jelena se neurotik nestane
SČ 14 Esther Frankel Systemic Intervention in Biosynthesis: How to Work with Relational Fields with Families
SČ 15 Sylvia + David Boadella Waters of Life
SČ 16 David Boadella A Bridge Between Worlds: A Personal Message for Eva Reich
SČ 17 David Boadella A Wake-up Call for the World
SČ 18 Eva Reich The Battle for a New Humanity
SČ 19 Liliana Acero Feminity, Gender and Essence in Body-Psychotherapy
SČ 20 David Boadella Lifelines and Light Streams (Part 1)
SČ 21 Eva Reich The Peace on Earth Begins in the Uterus
SČ 22 Liane Zink Resonance and the Contemporary
SČ 23 David Boadella Awakening Sensibility, Recovering Motility
SČ 24 Adrienne Levy Berg, Rolf Sandell, Christer Sandahl Affect-Focused Body Psychotherapy in Patients With Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Evaluation of an Integrative Method
SČ 25 Cynthia J. Price, Brittney McBride, Lynne Hyerle, Daniel R. Kivlahan Mindful awareness in body-oriented therapy for female veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder taking prescription analgesics for chronic pain: a feasibility study
SČ 26 Victor Sierpina, John Astin, James Giordano Mind-Body Therapies for Headache
SČ 27 Cynthia Price Body-oriented therapy in recovery from child sexual abuse: an efficacy study
SČ 28 Frank Röhricht, Nina Papadopoulos, Stefan Priebe An exploratory randomized controlled trial of body psychotherapy for patients with chronic depression
SČ 29 Frank Röhricht, Nina Papadopoulos, Sarah Holden, Tom Clarke, Stefan Priebe Therapeutic processes and clinical outcomes of body psychotherapy in chronic schizophrenia – An open clinical trial
SČ 30 Stefan Priebe, Mark Savill, Ulrich Reininghaus, Til Wykes, Richard Bentall, Christoph Lauber, Paul McCrone, Frank Röhricht, Sandra Eldridge Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of body psychotherapy in the treatment of negative symptoms of schizophrenia – a multi-centre randomised controlled trial
SČ 31 Cynthia Price Characteristics of women seeking body-oriented therapy as an adjunct to psychotherapy during recovery from childhood sexual abuse
SČ 32 Jeanne Duclos, Anne-Solène Maria, Géraldine Dorard, Florence Curt, Alexandre Apfel, Sarah Vibert, Zoé Rein, Fabienne Perdereau, Nathalie Godart Bonding and Expressed Emotion: two Interlinked Concepts?
SČ 33 Klaus-Peter Seidler, Karin Schreiber-Willnow Concentrative movement therapy as body-oriented psychotherapy for inpatients with different body experience
SČ 34 Peter S. Fernald Carl Rogers: Body-Centered Counselor
SČ 35 Maya Vulcan Is there any body out there?: A survey of literature on somatic countertransference and its significance for DMT
SČ 36 Mel Borins Do alternative therapies work in pain management?
SČ 37 Goode, Erica E., Wagner, Betsy Does psychotherapy work?
SČ 38 Sabine Koch, Teresa Kunz, Sissy Lykou, Robyn Cruz Effects of dance movement therapy and dance on health-relatedpsychological outcomes: A meta-analysis
SČ 39 David Boadella Essence and Ground: Towards the Understanding of Spirituality in Psychotherapy
SČ 40 Furnham, Adrian; Wardley, Zoe; Lillie, Francis Lay Theories of Psychotherapy III: Comparing the ratings of Lay Persons and Clinical Psychologists
SČ 41 Peter M Kreuzer, Monika Goetz, Maria Holl, Martin Schecklmann, Michael Landgrebe, Susanne Staudinger, Berthold Langguth Mindfulness-and body-psychotherapy-based group treatment of chronic tinnitus: a randomized controlled pilot study
SČ 42 Tom Alexander Konzag, Susan Klose, Ulrike Banderner-Greulich, Erdmuthe Fikentscher, Ulrich Bahrke Stationäre körperbezogene Psychotherapie bei Anorexia und Bulimia nervosa
SČ 43 Katsamanis, Maria, Lehrer, Paul M, Escobar, Javier I, Gara, Michael A  Psychophysiologic Treatment for Patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms: A Randomized controlled Trial
SČ 44 Bernd Voigt, Sabine Trautmann-Voigt Tiefenpsychologische Aspekte der Körpertherapie und der Tanztherapie
SČ 45 Wolfgang Harth Psychosomatic dermatology (psychodermatology)
SČ 46 David Boadella Quality of Life: The Matrix of Transformation and the Frontiers of Psychotherapy
SČ 47 Cornell, William F; Landaiche, N Michel Why Body Psychotherapy?: A Conversation
SČ 48 David Boadella Common Ground and Different Approaches in Psychotherapy
SČ 49 více autorů Výběrové články 1−13 (svázané)
SČ 50 David Boadella The Treatment of Compulsive Character
SČ 51 Eunice Rodrigues Biosyntéza: terapie jako tanec
SČ 52 Jacqueline A. Carleton Reich Was Right
SČ 53 David Boadella The Divided Body
SČ 54   Vybrané a vykopírované rozhovory z časopisu Psychologie dnes
SČ 55   archvív časopis GEMMA,6/1992,6/1993,1/1995
SČ 56   RUKOJMÍ- Kurz intervence v krizových situacích - vykopírovaný text
SČ 57   Pohledy na rodičovství - Zídková - vykopírovaný text
SČ 58 WHO 1993 Emergency psychiatric and intervention services in Europe