Basic information on training

The training program of somatic biosynthesis psychotherapy in the Czech Republic, conducted by Barbora Janečková, an international IIBS trainer, follows the same structure as the IIBS training at Heiden, Switzerland, complies with the same requirements as formulated by the Swiss Charter for Psychotherapy and meets its strictest standards. in October 1998 the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) in Brussels recognized biosynthesis as the first scientific method in the field of somatic psychotherapy.

Biosynthesis training is bilingual (Czech and English) and includes basic training, which takes 3 years, and subsequent advanced training of 2 years.

Description of Thematic Training Units

I + II Founding and Grounding

The emphasis is on the root chakra and the spine as the basis of autonomy and on the difference between over grounded and under- grounded character tendencies. the understanding of the motoric fields as patterns of developmental movement, expressive gesture, and as affecto – motoric schemes is a main theme. Major teaching themes are holding patterns in the body, polarity tendencies in the body, and impulse qualities in movement.

III Centering

The emphasis is on the hara chakra and on pre- and perinatal aspects of experience, womb life, birthing, and ways to help clients with birth or pre-natal trauma. We teach principles of working with breathing patterns, hyper and hypoventilation; and character principles: the schizo - hysterical split as expressed as a distortion of the polarity between containment and release.

IV + V Holding and Charging

The emphasis is on the first year of life, the throat chakra, oral character tendencies, healthy needs, and patterns of addiction. the Biosynthesis principles of the elements of touch as forms of healthy nourishment are taught. We work as well with the themes of pulsations of pleasure in the body, work with restrictions in the pelvis and the handling of healthy eros and sexuality.

VI Bounding

The emphasis is on the energies of the solar plexus chakra, and the sympathetic emotions of anger and anxiety, in relation to the movement patterns of constructive aggression, and constructive self defence, or safety - seeking. Character aspects of power, as in masochism or psychopathy are also main themes.

VII Bonding

The emphasis is on the heart as the centre of a love relationship, and on patterns of cooperation in partnership, (as opposed to symbiotic collusion, or destructive collision). A central focus is on the energetics of the arms as channels for expression and contact. We work with character aspects of over activity, or over passivity in relationship and with the somatic basis for dealing with sexual problems of clients.

VIII Sounding

The emphasis is on the voice, the throat chakra, and the ear. We teach Patterns of clear communication in language and disruptions of this; also ways to help clients who are over rational and clients who have difficulty finding words for their experience.

IX Facing

The emphasis is on outlook and insight, eye contact and vision, including the third eye. Therapeutic work on the eye block includes ways of transforming restrictive imagery to creative imagery, and ways of grounding imagery in the body and in movement.

X Crowning

The emphasis is on the crown chakra as gate between personal existence, and the transpersonal. We work with themes of healthy spirituality as opposed to pseudo spiritual escape from the body. We look at attitudes to death. There is intensive teaching on working with resources and qualities of essence.

XI Trauma

XII Forming and Shaping

The emphasis is a continuation of the previous week and a study of disturbances to the crown chakra functions of integration in psychosis, traumatic states and borderline conditions. We also look at the application fields of Biosynthesis in private practice, in clinics, or in other areas such as work with children or social applications. We include character aspects of the process of transition and saying goodbye, as well as resources in harvesting and new beginnings.