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International Workshops 2015 Prague

Family and couple therapy in the context of biosynthesis and other psychotherapeutic approaches
October 8 - 11, 2015

3rd European meeting of biosynthetic psychotherapists

The third European meeting of biosynthetic psychotherapists took place in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, from 6th to 9th March 2014. the tradition of both meeting and sharing the experiences of biosynthetic psychotherapists was launched in Prague. the last meeting took place in Epidaurus, Greece. Martin Hofman, Pavla Doležalová, Michaela Hapalová, Olga Hudcová and Petra Wünschová went to the Tel Aviv meeting.

Tel Aviv, or “Spring Mound” in a word-to-word translation, greeted us with sunny weather. the meeting took place at a comfortable and friendly campus Broshim of the Tel Aviv University and in the desert, at a bedouin place called Kfar Hanokdim. the participants came from Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, and Israel, of course.

The “working” meetings were preceded by a party night at the Mediterranean seaside, at the restaurant “Cabina”. the biosynthetic group met at the Gordon Beach near Crown Plaza Hotel. the group had a dinner together, followed by both organized and free small talks. the participants had a huge opportunity to share their uniqueness and fusing in a unique whole, the means being shared drumming, singing, dancing… as you can see on the pictures and on the video. the participants really enjoyed the experience.

The umbrella theme reflecting at all the workshops were the topics of individuality versus community, being a part of a whole, or being alone; keeping one‘s uniqueness within sharing a place in a so-called higher wholeness.

On Friday, people could visit Tel Aviv and its superb area Bauhaus (“White Town”), an open-air museum totalling 4 000 functionalist houses in the Bauhaus style, coming from 1930s to 1940s and being part of the UNESCO heritage; the original part of the town Neve Tzedek, established in 1886 as a Jaffa suburb (the oldest harbour in Israel), the market Carmel and other places.

After the lunch, there were workshops led by lecturers from all participating countries. There were three workshops in two-hour blocks. Sometimes it was really difficult to make one‘s choice. the first block saw the workshops of Daniella Slomowitz (Israel) “Individuality as a source in building community”; and of Tatiana Neves (The Biosynthesis & Philosophy’s Dance) and Devi Rada Rageth (Somatic resonance – a dance of mirroring neurons). After the pause there came next three workshops: Gabriele Hoppe and Joke van de Belt–Optiker (Germany) opened the topic “Somatic coaching with inner and outer images”; Maria del Mar Cervantes (Portugal) led the workshop called “Death, rebirth and flowing”; and Gil and Liat Arad (Israel) led the workshop “In the heart of a process”.

In the afternoon there were a playful and “crazy” contacts impromptu as a body experience, a shared being and a way of communication. the group could explore the potential of touching, discover their ability to feel through touch, communicate by means of touching and looking. the group shared their space, movement, emotions, and the state of their minds by means of touches and looks under the “conduct” of Neer Green. We laughed a lot…

On Friday evening the Israeli Sabbath started, thus we had our Sabbath Dinner at our host families´ homes, at restaurants in Jaffa and Tel Aviv. the weather was great. We could spend the night under a dark sky, in the gardens of cosy and friendly restaurants. Thanks to manifold national roots of the Israeli people the cuisine was amazingly diverse. the food was delicious.

Again, Saturday offered three workshops: Tatiana Neves‘s “From critical to creative thinking”, Vika Berezina-Orlov‘s “Taking care of oneself” (meaning therapists taking care of themselves after having cared for demanding clients), and Martin Hofman‘s “Social uterus theory”.

After the pause, the next block of three former workshops took part: Gabriele Hoppe and Joke van de Belt–Optiker: “Somatic coaching with inner and outer images”; Maria del Mar Cervantes: “Death, rebirth and flowing”; and some of us had the fascinating opportunity to take part in a workshop led by Silvia Boadella, “Birth and dying”.

After the lunch we took a bus to a bedouin hotel Kfar Hanokdim. the ride took no more than two hours. We spent the night in bedouin tents, in cabins, or at hotel rooms. After the dinner, Lily Anagnostopoulou from Greece led the seminar „I can see the world in a grain of sand“. Then, the group meditated in the desert. After that the participants could take part in a contact impromptu led by Neer Green under the sky dotted by stars, or go to a party with fire, sounds of Israeli music, and to talk and dance with others.

The Sunday morning offered yoga with Daniella Slomowitz in the desert. After the breakfast Marina Chandoutis (Greece) and Vassilis Christodoulou (Cyprus) developed the topic „I can see the world in a grain of sand“. the official programme ended with mutual meditation in the desert. Individual meditations and walking in the desert followed.

After an abundant lunch the final meeting came. the video of Martin Hofman and Pavla Doležalová was played. the next meeting would take place in Portugal in 2016. the organizers of the meeting opened a shared space on Facebook.

2nd European meeting of biosynthetic psychotherapists in Epidaurus, Greece

2nd to 4th September 2011 saw the second European meeting of biosynthetic psychotherapists in Epidaurus, Greece. the aim, after the first meeting in Prague, was to create a platform for both meeting and sharing professional experiences. Pavla Doležalová, Andrea Hanzlová, Katka Sarkisová, Barbora Janečková and Martin Hofman decided to come to Greece, take part in the meeting and have a rest at the seaside of the Aegean Sea.

The meeting took place at the Apollon Hotel in Epidaurus, a seaside resort in the northeast of Peloponnese, a part called Argolis. the area was connecting the antic therapeutic tradition with the modern one: in Apidaurus, there was the most famous asklepeion − a healing resort dedicated to the God Asclepius. the meeting progressed in the atmosphere of Greek cultural and therapeutic tradition. Three quarters of the group of fifty were members of the local biosynthetic community. Other participants came from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Israel.

On Friday night the participants met, they had a dinner together. On Saturday morning, the programme started at a local traditional place, a former asklepeion and a part of the UNESCO heritage. the place was thirteen kilometres away from the hotel. There is one of the best preserved antic amphitheatres with a capacity of 13 000 visitors. Sitting in the auditorium we had a lecture on a classic Greek healing tradition. Elena Kyriakou described a classic asklepeion and traditional healing means, one of them being dreams of the patients who slept in a temple. Their dreams were analysed by priests and used as a base for the healing processes. Mpapis Tselios lectured on cathartic effects of theatre, another healing means of the antic Greece. Kalliopi Patenta introduced Pythagoras‘ and Galen‘s views of the bond between nourishment and emotional health. She demonstrated the interconnection between the traditional approach and modern trends. After sightseeing, the workshop of the head of the Greek Institute for Biosynthesis, Lily Anagnastopoulou, “Spiritual roots of psychotherapy” followed.

Back at the hotel, Barbora Janečková, the head of the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis, led the workshop “Using bisynthesis with clients in crisis”. It was based on using the biosynthetic concept of Lifefields. Devi Rada Rageth from Switzerland offered her workshop “Dynamic interventions in both individual and couple psychotherapies”.

On Sunday morning the German lecturer Gerlinde Buchholz opened her workshop “Life roots and identity”, aimed at trauma and working with systemic constellations. the programme ended with a discussion on the possibilities of broadening the spectrum of biosynthesis applications.

The next one to organize the 3rd meeting was the Israeli Institute for Biosynthesis.

Attending training units in IIBS in Heiden, Switzerland

Since establishing the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis in 2008, biosynthetic therapists and students keep attending seminars, workshops and training units at the International Institute of Biosynthesis in Heiden. the breathtaking place in Switzerland with the view of the Lake Constance is the home of both biosynthesis and David and Silvia Boadellas.