Gil Arad

Gil Arad

Present position:

International senior trainer in Biosynthesis
Director of the Israeli center for Biosynthesis
Practice as a biosynthesis therapist and supevisor
Founder of Systemic clinic.
Founder of Intherlog – on line systemic supervision

Work Experience

2017-2018Director of the systemic clinic in integrative psychotherapy
2005-2018Director of the Israeli center for Biosynthesis
2000-2002Directing the faculty of Zen and Buddhist study in the "Medicine College" of complementary medicine
2007-2018Teaching Biosynthesis in the Israeli training program and other europen institutes for Biosyntheis.
1997-2002Leading groups of Zen meditation and self-awareness in "Medicine College" of complementary medicine.
2010-2018Advanced Study in complex systems, neuroscience, family constalation,
2005-2017Continues educatin in the internationl institute of Biosynthesis
2001-2003Advanced training in Biosynthesis
1998-2001Basic training in Biosynthesis
1993-2002Participant in the Kwan Um School of Zen Buddhism


Even Yehuda, Israel
Phone: 972-52-2655929