EAP Accreditation

EAP represents high European standard of psychotherapy education. Apart from this, EAP also closely cooperates with World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP), thus advancing the development of psychotherapy in an international context.

Every single certified European institute for psychotherapy education must meet a host of binding requirements on the level of training, supervision and practical experience of its participants.

The EAP standards guarantee quality and professional attitude as well as training of its participants who - after the due passing of the training - are eligible to the European certificate of psychotherapy (ECP). The purpose of the ECP is mutual recognition of the undergraduates of the training programme EAPTI. Currently there are only two institutes in the Czech Republic offering such benefits and we are truly honoured the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis is one of them. We are pleased the undergraduates of the somatic psychotherapy training programme may apply for this Certificate and thus compare to others on the European level of psychotherapy.