About Biosynthesis

Biosynthesis is a new approach towards somatic psychotherapy. It is based on the concepts of interconnection and mutual reflection of psychological and physical processes. David Boadella, the founder of biosynthesis, is one of pioneers and main figures in the field of bodywork in psychotherapy. He has been developing his method for over 30 years and currently keeps expanding the scope of its practical applications.

As suggested by its name, biosynthesis emphasizes integration of living processes, namely physical (motion) together with experiential (emotion) and mental. When working with clients, biosynthesis uses a procedural approach; it starts from inner signals and expressing movement and then expands and develops them with specific techniques. It is based on clients´ needs, respect to their individual differences as well as their unique inner resources.

Biosynthesis in the Czech Republic

Before the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis was established, two biosynthesis trainings took place in the Czech Republic; the events were however not closely connected to the International Institute for Biosynthesis in Heiden. A broader approach was taken and other methods were also included in the training (such as bioenergetics therapy). Some thirty participants to those training meetings thus subsequently included elements of biosynthesis in their work.

Ever since 2008 the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis has been providing patronage over biosynthesis training. the Institute was established in the Czech Republic in order to create environment conductive to expanding biosynthesis while maintaining the IIBS training quality, and offer successful trainees an opportunity for further expansion and application of the method. All training programs offered by the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis are conducted by both Czech and international IIBS lecturers and correspond in contents and rules with training offered at Heiden.

Through offering seminars for general as well as expert public, participation in various projects and activities focused on biosynthesis application outside therapy, e.g. education, social work, or mid-level healthcare personnel training, the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis facilitates spreading of the method while guaranteeing quality.

The Institute also publishes books related to biosynthesis. Thanks to its efforts Vybrané kapitoly z biosyntézy (Chapters on Biosynthesis), Vybrané kapitoly z biosyntézy II. (Chapters on Biosynthesis II) and above all D. Boadella’s ground-breaking work Lifestreams have been published.

Accreditation of its psychotherapeutic training in healthcare education was a major milestone for Biosynthesis in the Czech Republic; the accreditation was granted in late 2010.